Motorola MDRMN4025B mod

This Motorola MDRMN4025B is a very robust, heavy duty hand-microphone. Very good quality, and you can hit someone or something with it while the microphone will survive!
There's one downside: it's a model-specific piece of hardware. This means, that you cannot use it besides with some very special Motorola-hardware.

It wanted to use it at my Yaesu FT-897D, i don't know why but i just did (And i don't regret that!). So i opened it, looked at the electronics inside and tried to make out of it, but i couldn't. And there's a reason why i couldn't. The trick is: don't mess with the electronics, just bypass it!!!
Look at the picture. I used the original cable, and just cut off the pinheader. The 4 wires were soldered to.....
- PTT ground
- Microphone ground
- Microphone
Actually, the microphone and PTT-ground are the same. After that, i also cutt off the RJ45 at the other end of the cable because that used the wrong pins for my FT897D. I pressed a new one on it (look at the Yaesu-manual for the details) and then..... BIG SUPRISE!

This microphone sounds a lot better then the original Yaesu MH-31. Specially on SSB. A very clear, little deeper with more depth in it. Thanks very much, Motorola, for this wonderfull microphone! And, as mentioned before, you can drop it without any harm (well, you'll scratch your table...). I also made an adapter so i can use it at my FT225RD, it's all just an enormous improvement and a very nice microphone to handle.

Have fun, 73's de Jeroen PA3JT