SE-550 Programmer interface

This is an interface to program an Ascom SE550 (Condor 3000 / 4000). It needs to be connected to a RS-232 port on your computer, running DOS but not too fast. The software is guaranteed to run at 700 MHz or slower, but it also runs fine at my AMD 1.2 GHz Sony Vaio.
For the schematics i refer to PA3EKI's website (in dutch). You can also find the RSS software on that pages.

There's only one remark i want to make. It says you have to connect 12V to it, and that is because the interface as described on that page also has a power cable for the SE550 itself. But, in fact, you can use the power supply for your SE550 you are already using. The only thing the interface needs is the 5-pin pinheader. And the interface is running at 5V (that's what the 7805 is for) so if you don't want to feed the SE550 through the interface, you can connect everything between 5V and 15V to the interface.